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"This five-piece takes you on a journey that is at times progressive, often alluring, into a dreamscape of sounds." - Northwest Music Scene blog

Here's a new song, "Rain, How It Falls", as well as a just released remix of "We".  Stay tuned for more releases over the coming weeks!

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“This five-piece takes you on a journey that is at times progressive, often alluring, into a dreamscape of sounds. The band never stops delivering on songs that are worth listening to and repeating. Where many bands would fail with mixing silvery vocals and grunge-tinged progressive rock into one consistent package, The Almost Faithful succeeds brilliantly.”

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The Almost Faithful are a lively Seattle-based band who create hummable songs about love, loss, insomnia, and the hypnotic hum of fluorescent lights. Their thoughtful songs are often seductively melodic, rhythmically syncopated and range from power-driven arty rock to the sublimely hypnotic. Their influences range from Talking Heads, XTC, Bowie, PJ Harvey, and King Crimson. The Almost Faithful are: Andrea - lead vocals and flute, John - guitar, Kurt - guitar, Hal - bass, and James - drums.

The band has recently been re-recording and mixing songs with new vocalist Andrea, as well as new material soon to be released as singles in the coming months.                                                                                        

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