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The Almost Faithful is a Seattle-based alt-rock trio featuring guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist John Feodorov, bass guitarist Hal Deranek, and drummer James Lord. 

With songs informed by Post-Punk, Progressive, Psychedelic and Art Rock, The Almost Faithful weaves together thought-provoking and mordant lyrics with staccato guitar riffs, intense bass lines, and poly-rhythmic drumming to create a complex sound that is as raw and gritty as it is intentional and well-crafted.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as The Who, Pixies, David Bowie, and Tom Waits, The Almost Faithful’s music is simultaneously introspective and intense, with Feodorov’s vocal delivery maneuvering between pensive reflection and sardonic wit.

The Almost Faithful has just finished recording several new songs for periodic release as singles in the coming months. Please stay tuned for further info in the near future.

01.06.18 / Live at the Skylark
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