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NEWS: The Almost Faithful will be playing at the skylark in west seattle on sat. aug 10th, along with bad honey and rough closeup!

The band is excited to announce that David Marshall has joined on as our new lead vocalist! we have re-recorded three tracks from our debut album with David on vocals And have made them available on our soundcloud playlist below!

Here is our newest video, "I Disappear" -- the second single off our upcoming album "Human | Nature".

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The Almost Faithful is a Seattle-based alt-rock quartet featuring lead vocalist David Marshall, guitarist and songwriter John Feodorov, bass guitarist Hal Deranek, and drummer James Lord.

John Feodorov formed The Almost Faithful in 2015, originally intending to create a more ambient-like experimental band. However, the project quickly morphed into a more energetic hard-rocking band once Hal and James came aboard. Recently, David joined the group bringing his clear and expressive voice into the mix, further intensifying the band’s dynamic impact.

With songs informed by Art Rock, Post-Punk, Progressive and Psychedelic Rock, The Almost Faithful weaves together thought-provoking and mordant lyrics with piercing melody lines, staccato guitar riffs, intense bass lines, and dynamic drumming to create a sound that is as raw and gritty as it is intentional and well-crafted.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as The Who, Gang of Four, and King Crimson, The Almost Faithful’s songs are simultaneously introspective and intense, while their lyrics maneuver between pensive reflection and biting social critique.

The Northwest Music Scene blog wrote that The Almost Faithful “might be a little difficult to slap a label on as they borrow elements from several genres in creating their unique sound but it’s not hard to pick out the prog influences as you listen through their recently released debut full-length album. The songs are catchy, the musicianship is tight and if you are in the market for a northwest rock band that isn’t attempting to reinvent the post-grunge or even the grunge genre, invest some time in their new album. We are pretty sure you’ll come away a fan.” (Nov. 2, 2018)

The band released their first full-length album titled Human | Nature in 2018. The songs address themes such as consumerism, spiritual conflict, insomnia, and doubt in the age of alternative facts. They are currently working on new material for their second release in 2020 with David on lead vocals.

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